martes, 8 de mayo de 2007

Explosive Summer Council

Praise the Lord, everyone. The summer council is coming up very soon, Tuesday, June 5. It will convene at Christ Church Apostolic. We have a very exciting day planned. The day session will be about healing. First Lady Ruth Tyson will be us along with Ms. Helen Chambers of WEA Saves Lives. Also, many will give their testimonies of the healing power of God. If you need healing don't miss this day session as we will pray the prayer of faith for everyone. THEN, in the evening service we have Stellar award winning recording artist RIZEN who minister in song followed by Evangelist Adrianne Lewis of Rizen who be our keynote speaker. Its going to be explosive!

Hope you can join us! See the flyer below for more details and check out Rizen at
Evang Kandy Morrell

ABSA Singles Ministry President

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Magdi dijo...

Este post, no fue para mí, pues apenas hablo el español, y estoy muy cansada para traducir.
Que lindo Tmac.

Alguien dijo...

La verdad no se, pero si una persona sabe que conosca sabe, pronto lo sabras.